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Broken Bones


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Broken Bones

How serious is it? Serious enough to need vet attention. Go get it!

What is it?

How can I recognize it? Obvious breaks can present with a compound fracture such as in the case with Kismet, below. Other breaks can be hairline fractures, broken toes, or a spiral fracture of the tail. Sometimes a broken extremity will look out of place, the chin will limp, tail may be limp or obviously crooked, or the chin's behavior will be drastically different such as a chin who suddenly bites. 

Do chins get it? Chinchilla bones are incredibly delicate, especially the rib structure. Breaks can happen from improper handling, falls, fights, or other physical trauma.

How do you treat it? Vet attention is needed. If a limb breaks, this may be set with a cast, or amputated.

How can I avoid this happening? Know the proper way to handle your pet. Be alert to the potential for a fall. Sometimes it's unavoidable. Accidents happen.

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Before I post today's update, please take a moment in remembrance of the victims of 9/11/2001...

It has been a very difficult past couple of weeks. A rescue hamster here developed a particularly aggressive form of cancer. What we thought was a perpetually full cheek pouch, turned out to be a tumor. For the first time ever, we had to have a critter put down. It was a very sad occasion.

Less than two weeks later, one of the chinnies broke her leg. Yesterday (Friday) she went in for surgery to have it amputated. The vet says the surgery went well and we can bring her home this morning.

Now this is where we need some help. The original estimate for the amputation was $1500! (Gasp!) Fortunately for us, our back-up exotics vet had pity and worked a fee that was much, much more within our grasp...but we still need to come up with $600.

If you've been considering upgrading a cage, adopting a chin, or showing your monetary support, now would be a perfect time to do so.

Please keep Kismet in your prayers as she heals up and gets used to being a tri-pod.