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Cage Accessories

How to place an order

Just contact us via email: [email protected] with your wish list and zip code (or shipping address). We'll package and weigh your order, calculate the cost and email you back with an itemized invoice.  VoilĂ !

$30 minimum (cost before shipping) for domestic orders,  Shipped orders of $50 or more get a free Surprise from Whimsy!

Our store items are pre-made and ready to go as soon as we receive PayPal payment confirmation. Most orders shipped within 24. For this reason we ask that you only submit an order when you are ready to pay for the items. 

Cage Accessories

Cage Shelves

Our signature wood ledges feature a backboard for safety and cleanliness. Made from chin-safe kiln dried pine. Comes complete with hardware for easy cage installation. Click picture for larger view.

6" Leaping Ledge ($7.50)

8" Lookout Ledge ($10)

12" Lounging Ledge ($15)

16" Luxury Ledge ($20)


16 in. JumpHole Ledge/Food Bowl Ledge

These are a fun addition to any cage and make interesting endcaps to the suspension bridge. Add a foodbowl or keep it open for the curious critters who like to explore

8" deep X 16" wide (recommended size has ample space for chins to perch on either side of the jumphole)

$25.00 each

16" Food Bowl Ledge

Our ever-popular JumpHole ledge with drop in stainless steel food bowl! Click picture for larger view.

$27  (Extra food bowls add $2 each).


Loft Ledge 

Approximately 12x12" square, this corner platform is a perfect penthouse for sprawling sleepy chins. It also makes a handy step up between levels of your Ferret Nation or Critter Nation cage if you want to avoid the danger of the wire ramp entirely. OR, use it as a handy meeting place between two tubes for groups of chins who like to hang out together.

This new design is perfect for cages with weak, thin bars. The two sided support means less pressure when your chins bounce off regular ledges like they were diving boards.





L-Shaped Ledge

Approximately 16"x12". Our signature wood ledges feature a backboard for safety and cleanliness. Made from kiln dried pine. A nice, sturdy addition to any cage. Corners cut for safety and fit. Comes complete with hardware for easy cage installation.

$35.00 Each (8 shown in the picture. I can't believe I have to clarify this...)

(Please specify whether you would prefer the long side pointing to the right, or left. Otherwise we will choose for you).


Suspension Bridge... with Bling!

Designed with chew-proof, authentic, gemstone beads! (The same sort of stuff the stone chillers are made from.) We use jade, amethyst, lapis, agate, turquoise, adventurine, obsidian, chalcedony, etc. These are NOT glass, acrylic or wood beads!

This thing is tons of fun... and shiny! We use 8" wide kiln dried pine slats, with rounded edges for added safety. Our chew-proof spacer beads keep little toes from getting pinched. Comes with heavy duty lanyard hooks to attach directly to the side bars of your cage.

We now make all our bridges custom to fit your cage.  Please designate the span of your cage in inches, NOT the desired length. These are bridges, not ladders. They should be tight across and will gently sag with use.

$1.50 per linear inch for the first 30".

Flat rate of $45 for bridges between 30" - 36".

bridges over 36" are and extra $1 per linear inch.

It's very important to "cap" the ends of your bridge with ledges 12" or larger. Ledges sold separately. 


Chinchilla Cradle

AKA: Swing with Bling!

For environmental enrichment. Made with kiln dried pine and poplar, and now enhanced with rock hard gemstone spacer beads. Some chins actually swing themselves by pushing off from the cage bars! Also makes a colorful and interesting hay rack. 

If your cage is taller than 24", you will need the catwalk with eye hooks to attach the swing at a safer, lower level. 



Scatterguards: Cage Bottom Surrounds 

By popular demand! Our cage bottom surrounds are created to make better use of those shallow Ferret Nation, Critter Nation and Feisty Ferret brand cage pans to help contain litter.

$25.00 Cage Bottom Surround

Ferret Nation (left), Feisty Ferret (right)



Cage Balcony (The Catwalk)

A simple, rigid plank that spans the cage width. Premade to fit Ferret Nation/Critter Nation and Feisty Ferret brand cages. Excellent adjustable height, particularly for the "open" double stack cages. 

A perfect addition to use to attach your Swing with Bling for your more acrophobic chins.  

$20 each












Hanging Tube

These are a comfy addition to any enclosure. Chins absolutely love snuggling in them. We make ours a generous 10 inch long, 6 inch diameter. We also sand away the outside edge so it's smooth and safe. Comes complete with hardware to install virtually anywhere inside a cage with bars.

Some people make fleece covers in wild colors and patterns to discourage chins from chewing on their tube. Make sure you offer copious, healthy chewing alternatives. 



Natural Wood Perches

Mixed wood of the 6 varieties we keep in stock. No variety specification available on perches. Prices for ONE perch. Approximately 6-7" long. We are phasing out our smaller perches and switching over to all JUMBO size. 

Photos show representative sample.

 $7.50 each









Whimsy's Wigwam

An economical version of a hidey house.

Flexible, bendable, but strong enough to support the weight of a chinchilla. 

Made of kiln dried pine with NO funky dyes. Large enough to accommodate a pair of snuggling chins, or one sprawling one. 




Carousel Hay Holder?

~*~New Reduced Price!~*~

Who can resist this fun cage accessory?

For those of you who just hate the idea of piling your chin's hay on the cage bottom floor, this colorful hay holder may be just the thing you need. The geometric poles swivel to make hay stuffing easy and adds just enough resistance to keep your chin busy. And it doubles as a safe chew toy!

Comes with an extra large, heavy duty lanyard hook.  




Combo Kit

After many requests we've finally managed to come up with a great deal on a starter ledge package. This is a perfect combo to outfit or modify a new cage or to revamp an old set up. These cage shelves completely fill a flat rate box, so there's no room for substitutions or additions. 

Package includes: one Food Bowl Ledge, a 16" Luxury Ledge, a 12" Lounging Ledge, two 8" Lookout Ledges, two 6" Leaping Ledges and one Natural Wood Perch.  And to distract your fur baby from chewing those nice new ledges, we've managed to fit some of our ever popular chew toys in the free spaces:  1 Whirly Wafers, 1 Orb-bits, 1 Hugs & Kisses Garland. 

$140 (includes domestic shipping!)