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Eye Irritations


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Eye Issues

How serious is it? Mild to moderate. NOT life threatening.

What is it? Can be a simple irritation, scratched cornea, conjunctivitis, a plugged tear duct,  a symptom of malocclusion, or genetically related.

How can I recognize it?  "Wet" looking fur around the eyes. Goopy eye boogers, squinty, or in advanced cases, glued shut eyes. 

Do chins get it? Can be related to a certain brand of bathing dust. The shiny kind or that with added fragrances. Can also be related to a scratched cornea and (rarely) allergy related or genetic. Eyes with wet looking fur around the rims is also an indicator of malocclusion.

How do you treat it? Many eye irritations go away on their own. But you can help the process by flushing with normal saline eye drops. If it is advanced, the vet can perform a scratch test to determine whether there has been trauma to the eye's surface. This requires antibiotic treatments orally or topically. Be sure to ask for DROPS, not OINTMENTS. If symptoms persist you'll need x-rays to rule out malocclusion. 

Video of how to administer eye drops coming soon.