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Food & Health

~*~New! Package Deals!~*~

Happy Chinchilla Care Package

  • Gallon bag pellets (Purina, Blue Seal or mixed bag)
  • Gallon bag hay cubes
  • 1lb whole rose hips
  • 1lb probiotic cookies
  • 1lb prepared wood (mixed variety only)
  • Pack goji berries
  • Pack seagrass knots
  • 1 Chinchilada
  • 1 Orb-bits
  • 5 assorted toss toys

$90 Includes shipping! Domestic only


Economy Care Basics

  • Gallon bag pellets (Purina, Blue Seal OR mixed bag)
  • 1lb prepared wood  (mixed variety only)
  • 1lb rose hips
  • 1lb hay cubes
  • 1 Chinchilada
  • 5 assorted toss toys

$60 Includes shipping! Domestic only

 See our Chinchilla Chew Toys page for another awesome package deal!


Purina Advanced Nutrition Show Formula Feed Pellets

We use these pellets as the base of our chinnies' diets. This is a great feed that keeps good weight on the chins, without all of the "junk food" treats often found in pet store chinchilla feed.

With nearly 100 chins to care for, our pellet supply is always ultra fresh. 

$5 for a gallon sized bag (approximately 5 pounds)


Blue Seal Show Hutch Deluxe

Extruded, extra hard kibble designed especially for gnawing animals dental health! This high quality feed contains chelated minerals and probiotics.

We have been using this alongside our regular "soft" pellets to encourage strong, healthy teeth AND for palatability.  It's slightly higher in protein and lower in fiber than our other feed, so it's not advised to use this in place of regular pellets. Used in conjunction with another high quality feed makes for an amazing combo. 

$8 for a gallon sized bag (approximately 4 pounds) 


Hay Slice

*NOTE* Hay requires an oversized box to ship. 

A double flake of  seasonal  hays, weighs approximately 6-8 pounds and fits in an extra tall kitchen garbage bag. This should be your chinchilla's primary food source. A variety of hays are excellent for keeping the molars properly worn and healthy as well as providing the necessary dietary fiber.

Currently in stock:

  • orchard (soft and grassy)
  • timothy/orchard mix (stalky with lots of seed heads)



Hay Cubes

A different kind of chewing and gnawing alternative. Ideal for people with hay fever, allergies, or who want to give their chins variety.

$5.00 for a gallon sized bag (about 3 pounds)


Whole Rose Hips (Rosa canina)

Unlike many store-bought "treats," these healthy snacks are good for your critters! All natural rose hips add critical vitamin C to your chinchilla's diet, which helps strengthen the connective tissue in the gums to keep teeth healthy.

Rosehips are very gentle on the chin's digestive system and exceptionally healthful. We actually feed these by the handful. Rose hips (Rosa family) are native to Southern Chile and  so more likely be found in the wild chinchillas diet. Win!

 $10.00/lb  Items priced per pound are not sold in smaller quantities


Cut and Sifted Rose Hips (Rosa canina)

If your pet doesn't enjoy whole, or simply has an aversion to the itchy hairs surrounding the inedible seeds, cut and sifted rosehips are an excellent way to encourage them to get their vitamin C. You can offer it as a treat, or sprinkle on their hay. 

 $12/lb  Items priced per pound are not sold in smaller quantities


Probios® Probiotic Treats

Excellent offered as both a treat AND digestion support. These healthy snacks encourage the maintenance of healthy gut bacteria for chins who are under stress from a move, vet visit, surgery, fur chewing, or any digestive imbalance. 

5 million colony forming units per cookie. Large enough to break in half, we usually give 1/2 to 1 cookie per day.

 $10.00/pound Items priced per pound are not sold in smaller quantities


Confetti Cuisine

Finally! A foraging mix that you can offer in a separate food dish by the handful. "Confetti Cuisine" is a high-fiber, apple-infused potpourri of loofah bites, chopped hays, rose buds and petals, calming chamomile flowers, rose hips, lavender, peppermint, dehydrated carrot,  and the ever popular crispy, dried leaves.

Sold in giant 16" x 16" "pillow packs".

$20 each



A tasty loofah sachet stuffed with edible potpourri: chamomile, marigold, raspberry leaf, rosebuds, hibiscus flowers, and bluegrass. Bound with sea grass, this parcel adds flavorful variety to your chinnie's diet. And they smell amazing! ;)

$5 each



Supplement (Whimsy's recipe!)

A healthful and colorful blend of oats, barley, wheat bran, crushed rose hips, parsley, flax, bee pollen and more.

Best for chins who are growing, pregnant, nursing or recovering from illness. Wonderful as a treat alternative as a reward for handling! 

Recommended rate: Start with 1/2 teaspoon per chin. Advance to 1 teaspoon per chin per day ONLY IF they show no signs of loose stool.  Do not combine supplements or give multiple supplements! 

$5.00/lb  Items priced per pound are not sold in smaller quantities


Goji Berries

Despite their resemblance to raisins, these dry berries provide a much healthier alternative treat.  :) These nutritionally dense berries contain 18 Amino acids (six times that of bee pollen), and 21 trace minerals. Goji Berries also contain Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and Vitamin E (rarely found in fruits). The Goji Berry contains more Vitamin C by weight than oranges!  This is extremely important for the prevention of malocclusion. The tough, leathery berry also contains many complex compounds, and phytonutrients.  The Goji Berry also contains extremely high levels of antioxidants and is very low in natural sugars. 

As with many treats, use sparingly.  Recommended no more than 1 berry 2-3 times per week. Excellent for use as a reward for handling.

$5 for a 3oz snack bag


Loofah ~ Whole or Sliced 

Is your pet a fan of shreddable-type chews?  You may want to stock up on whole or sliced loofah to offer by itself or to reload your own toys. Loofah is the perfect high fiber food addition!

All natural, unbleached.   

Whole (approximately 5 inches long): $3 each

Slices: 2 for $1 




Pine Bedding

A huge bag (9 compressed cubic feet) of kiln dried cage bedding. This natural product is safe for the chins to nibble, smells wonderful and makes great compost for your garden when your pet is finished with it. ;).

*This item is HUGE. We do not ship bedding.*



Whimsy's Asthma/Allergy-Friendly Bath Dust Alternative

Whimsy's own recipe, helps make owning chinnies bearable for those with respiratory issues or who are otherwise sensitive to regular, store-bought dust. Made with a special blend of minerals and clays.

Use in place of commercial brands. Do NOT mix this with your store bought dust. It will NOT act as medicine to neutralize the other dust!

$20 for a 5 pound bag 


Anti-Fungal Bathing Dust

Another Whimsy Original mix. Contains just the right blend of diatomaceous earth, sulfur and other antifungal ingredients. Tried and true this is a highly effective treatment for ringworm. Also makes an excellent occasional bath for ringworm prevention.

For maximum effectiveness, use straight: do not mix with regular dust! Allow your chinnie 24 hour access to his/her duster for approximately 2-4 weeks. Not intended for permanent use. May cause temporary dandruff. Can be irritating to people prone to skin sensitivities.

$5/lb  Items priced per pound are not sold in smaller quantities


Sweet PDZ (Clinoptilolite)

Normally used as a stall and cage freshener to absorb moisture and ammonia for odor control. It can also be used as a dusting alternative for especially high humidity days. (Although it does make your chins feel gross when you hold them).

Proven to absorb toxins that are created by molds and microscopic parasites! This makes an excellent "base" for cage dusting underneath bedding. 

Also used as an additive in animal feeds, so is harmless to ingest.

$3.00/lb  Items priced per pound are not sold in smaller quantities