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Fur Chewing (Barbering)


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Fur Chewing (Barbering)

How serious is it? Not serious health wise, but the underlying reason is cause for concern.

What is it? A chinchilla who chews his/her own fur or the fur of another chinchilla. 

How can I recognize it?  Patchy, uneven fur that looks cropped in areas.

How do chins get it? Could be stress related, genetic, or a symptom of dominance by another chin.

How do you treat it? Treat the underlying cause. If the chin is stressed out, change the environment. If it is nutritionally based, make sure your pet has plenty of hay and other stimulating chew toys of all textures. 

How can I avoid this happening? 

Posts about this condition:


A while ago, we took in a chinchilla who had excessively chewed his fur. When he came to us, in fact, he had chewed off every bit of fur that he could reach-- in some places, down to his very skin. We constantly commented on how he looked-- like half a chin, like a kangaroo, and so on. We dubbed him Buffalo Bill.

Now, three months later to the day, Buffalo Bill is beginning to show his improvement. He enjoys hanging out near the boy chin in the next cage over. He has stopped chewing his fur and you can see it's growing back in tufts. This pattern of fur growth is completely normal. In just a few more months, he will look like a regular, fluffy chinchilla again. Check out how he's coming along!


This group of chins were surrendered severely fur chewed, emaciated and beat up.