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Fur Fungus (Ringworm)


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Fur Fungus (Ringworm)

How serious is it? Moderate. Highly contagious to other animals and people.

What is it? Fur Fungus (Ringworm) is the same fungal infection as Athlete's Foot. 

How can I recognize it?  Missing fur in patches, dry-looking flaky skin often first noted around the nose, eyes, feet and/or tail. Can be on other areas of the body. Some strains present with missing fur and no skin issues, others exhibit blister-like lesions.

Do chins get it? Fur fungus is opportunistic. The fungal spores multiply best in damp or humid environments. If someone in your house has athlete's foot and your chinnie runs around on the floor, this may be the culprit. 

How do you treat it? Keep your chinnie's cage ultra clean and dry. Treat the shelves and bedding with an antifungal application. Treat the chin with an over-the-counter or prescribed spray or cream. Additives are sometimes included in the dust bath as a preventative. We use tiny amounts of powdered sulfur in the dust. Wash hands thoroughly after contact with the chin, cage, or in-cage objects to avoid spreading the fungus spores further.