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Iso & Maybeline

Iso & Maybeline

Iso (approximately 5 years old) is a beautiful and friendly mosaic. She came in as part of a mixed gender group, so had to remain for the entire 4 month maternity watch. She just completed her wait and is proven kit free! We tried to pairbond Iso with the other female who came in with her (bonded with the male). Iso was somewhat tolerant, but did not bond. Iso has proven she has a strong preference for another mosaic! After several failed attempts to bond her with other, standard grey, chinchillas, she let us know she really prefers her own shade of grey. 

Maybeline (born 4/8/15) also came to us as part of a mixed gender group. She also stayed the 4 month watch without kits. She was bonded with another pair of females, but we figured she would have a better chance of adoption with just one other chinchilla. 

Both girls are exceptionally good natured. 

Adoption fee: $250 for the pair