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Previously Owned Cages -                            Cages are for pick up only. We do not ship cages, but do ship accessories if you want to decorate your own. We are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Here is just a sample of the variety of cages we offer. 

Ferret Nation cages

$200 for a modified single level or add on,

$300 for a modified double stack,

$400 for modified triple stack.

Our complete setups come similar to shown below with all new custom scatter guard, hanging tube, glass water bottle and ledges. The following are examples of our Ferret Nation cages, chinchilla ready.

This is the basic sized cage for a single chinchilla. up to two more levels can be added on. These are the kinds of cages we use almost exclusively.  


















Extra large cage sized big enough for multiple chinchillas. Features two serious sized doors for easy access to your fuzzies. On wheels too for easy maneuverability.

This was one of the more fun set ups to make with its stair step design.

Comes as shown with all new accessories; custom scatter guard, extra long ledges, a snuggle tube and chew proof glass water bottle. 

Measures approximately 36x53x24




If you're concerned about your larger pets pestering your chin(s) this is the perfect cage to have. It is a colossal set up, modified with all new wooden shelves and accessories and an extra deep scatter guard. 

Comes similar to the one shown. We've sold the one pictured, but have a second on hand, ready to decorate. 

This cage is absolutely massive at 60x36x30. It's practically an aviary.





 SuperPet brand cage, as always, modified specifically for chinchillas. This cage is sized for 1-2 chinchillas only. It is a moderately sized cage for those with limited space. Footprint measures 2x2 feet and is 4 feet tall.

Comes as shown with all new wooden ledges, a snuggle tube and water bottle. 


$150 each





Marshall brand small animal penthouse....This gigantic home, has been redecorated with extra long and extra wide wooden shelves and a hanging snuggle tube. It measures 40 1/2 x 56 x 22 1/2, which is large enough for a small herd of your own. 








Modified Feisty Ferret cage with wire divider and bottom removed.

This cage is just the right size to accommodate a pair of chins without overwhelming a bedroom. It is a cheaper version of the Ferret Nation brand cage with weaker bars.  Has two large access doors. Comes equipped with all new accessories.






Another of our more favorite cages. This extra large hotel of a cage is excellent for 2-4 chins. Comes with an invisible wheeled base low to the ground so your chins can come out by themselves for playtime.