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Prolapse: Rectal


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Prolapse: Rectal

How serious is it? VERY serious-- life threatening.

What is it? When the rectum (intestine) literally slips out of the body through the anus.

How can I recognize it? May present as a bloody bottom, slight bulge of tissue coming from the anus, or a larger loop of intestine.

How do chins get it? Could be a genetic weakness, from trauma, a sudden switch in diet, bad food, parasites from contaminated water or feed, or inconsistent feeding.

How do you treat it? Emergency vet treatment is necessary. 

Babylon, one of the chinnies here at Whimsy's, suffered a rectal prolapse. Below is a clip showing his prolapse and Whimsy easing the intestine back in place.

Babylon re-prolapsed as many as a dozen times while waiting for the emergency vet to attend him and sew a purse string stitch in place. A week later he has prolapsed twice, but has since stabilized. He has been on a regimen of Critical Care hand feeding formula, subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, metacam for pain, simethicone, and antiparasitics.