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Sticks and Stones

How to place an order

Just contact us via email: [email protected] with your wish list and zip code (or shipping address). We'll package and weigh your order, calculate the cost and email you back with an itemized invoice.  VoilĂ !

$30 minimum (cost before shipping) for domestic orders,  Shipped orders of $50 or more get a free Surprise from Whimsy!

Our store items are pre-made and ready to go as soon as we receive PayPal payment confirmation. Most orders shipped within 24. For this reason we ask that you only submit an order when you are ready to pay for the items. 

Wood by the Pound

We usually have a nice selection of cut and prepared wood pieces for your chinchilla, bunny, degu, hamster, prairie dog, parrot and other gnawing pets. These pieces are all natural, lovingly hand selected from untreated trees. We harvest only fresh wood and process it within a week of cutting. We do not use dead wood! Our wood is fully prepared and ready-to-gnaw: cut, boiled, scrubbed and baked to perfection! 

*Note*  Won't you support our special needs students and purchase a pre-made chew toy instead? Thank you for your consideration!

 Flavor varieties include:

Apple/crabapple, magnolia, mulberry, pear and pecan.

Available shapes :



~ Whirls (thicker sticks)

~ Chunks 



$20/lb for your specified shapes or flavors.

Want cheaper wood? Order the "mixed grab bag" for only $15/lb!


Natural Wood Perches 

Mixed wood of the 6 varieties we keep in stock. No variety specification available on perches. Prices for ONE perch.

Photos show representative sample.

$7.50 each






Pumice by the Ounce

We carry two kinds of pumice. Each stone is roughly the size of a ping pong ball. We will add stones to your order to ensure full weight.

These can be purchased as solid stones, or drilled for toy making. Please specify desired hole size if purchasing drilled stones.

*Note* Pumice is actually cheaper per ounce when incorporated into our chew toys. Won't you support our special needs students and purchase a pre-made chew toy instead? Thank you for your consideration!

$1.50 / oz undrilled

$2.00 / oz drilled


"Dark" Mountain Pumice

These stones are smooth, spherical, and dense for chins with powerful chewing needs. These stones are hard... like corn nuts. 

Treat your chins to natural pumice. Trust us, they're better than the pet store "blocks." 

1-2 stones per ounce.


"Light" Desert Pumice

This lighter, more porous, irregularly shaped pumice is more like eating cheese puffs than the aforementioned "corn nuts" type of stone. 

1-4 stones per ounce.